ISLAMABAD — On Tuesday, as authorities attempted to apprehend former Prime Minister Imran Khan, his supporters clashed with police in Lahore, leading to several injuries.


This news comes after Khan’s arrest warrants in a case involving the sale of state gifts were issued by a court in Islamabad the day before. Islamabad has sent a team of six officers to Lahore to apprehend Khan right now.

Punjab police in anti-riot gear supported their Islamabad counterparts and cleared the road of Khan’s supporters, as seen on television from outside Khan’s Zaman Park residence in Lahore.

From above, it was clear that law enforcement had surrounded Khan’s home and had fired tear gas canisters inside his house. Stones were thrown at the police by arrested supporters of Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party.

“The cops have arrived to take me (to jail)…

Khan said in televised comments, “If something happens to me, if I go to jail, if I am killed, you have to prove that this nation will (continue to) struggle even without Imran Khan.

Senior PTI member and Khan aide Shah Mahmood Qureshi pleaded with law enforcement to not “spoil the situation.”

Don’t ruin it for everyone. There should be no violence. It is important that we talk, so I invite you to my office. Meet with me,” Qureshi told reporters in Lahore.

The warrants must be produced immediately. I will have a discussion with the chairman, consult with legal counsel, and see if we can come up with a solution.

Another PTI member, Shibli Faraz, reported that an appeal was filed with the Islamabad High Court challenging the validity of the arrest warrants issued for Khan in the Toshakhana (state repository) case.

“The hearing is expected after a while,” Faraz, who was present at the IHC, said.

Since his removal from power in April, the ex-premier has been booked in more than 70 separate cases on charges including blasphemy, terrorism, and sedition. He has been able to avoid arrest in each case by appealing to different judges.

Police spokesman for Islamabad, Taqi Jawad, told Arab News on Tuesday that a team of six police officers was already in Lahore to apprehend the former prime minister in accordance with a court order.

He said, “We have been following the legal procedure,” and that police were required to comply with court orders.

Jawad wouldn’t say when or how the police planned to apprehend the ex-prime minister from his home in Lahore’s Zaman Park. To prevent law enforcement from arresting Khan, his supporters have erected barriers and set up makeshift camps outside his house.

On Monday, a district court reinstated the non-bailable arrest warrants for the former prime minister in the case involving the sale of state gifts.

Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court Aamer Farooq also issued an appearance order for Khan in this case on March 13, but the ex-prime minister did not show up, citing security concerns.

The judge denied Khan’s request to be excused and ordered the police to bring him in on March 18.

‘We will be following the court orders to ensure the accused’s presence in court,’ the police spokesperson said.