Soldier rapes 4-year-old girl and sentences her to death


A Somali military court has sentenced a Somali military officer to death for raping a four-year-old girl.

Somali National Army soldier Mohamed Hussein Elmi was arrested for raping four-year-old victim Farhiya Abdi Shakur Botan on May 14 this year in Wadajir district.

Mohamed Hussein Elmi was handed over to the Armed Forces Tribunal, and was later remanded in custody pending further inquiries into his alleged involvement with the Criminal Investigation Department (CID).

The Office of the Prosecutor of the Armed Forces presented the case to the Court Martial, after which an affidavit was filed.


Mohamed Hussein Elmi was scheduled to be arraigned by the Military Court in early September, and the court’s final hearing was concluded on the 24th of this month.

During the trial of Mohamed Hussein Elmi the investigator of the case was heard, and the Court shared with the victim a statement.

Defendant, who was also given the opportunity to attend the hearing, reiterated that he was taking responsibility for the incident but could not answer why he had raped a girl next door, adding that it was too late. everything that happened was broken up.

Mumin Hussein Abdullahi, the Deputy Attorney General of the Armed Forces, asked the court to send a message in its ruling that no further act of rape should be considered by any member of the Armed Forces.

Defendants’ attorneys argued that the defendant’s confession should not be held in lieu of sentencing and instead requested that the Court give them an opportunity to deal with the victim’s relatives.

Colonel Hassan Ali Nur Shuute, chairman of the Court of First Instance of the CQS, was sentenced to death today after consulting and sitting in court, as he shared with the parties in the case.

Judge Mohamed Hussein Elmi has the opportunity to appeal.

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