On Wednesday, German authorities detained a Syrian man accused of war crimes for allegedly torturing hostages while working for the Daesh group in Syria in 2014.

According to federal authorities, the individual was apprehended in Berlin and is only known as Raed E. due to German privacy laws. He is accused of being a member of a foreign terrorist organization, committing crimes against humanity, war crimes, and causing bodily harm.

Prosecutors stated the suspect joined Daesh in summer 2014 and took part in an attack on the Shueitat tribe in the Deir Ezzor province of eastern Syria in August of that year.

Activists have alleged death counts of up to 700 people.

Following the attack, Raed E. is accused of abusing and torturing three hostages. According to prosecutors, he had a man who was hunting for a 13-year-old sibling seized by Daesh imprisoned and tortured in several Daesh jails.

The 13-year-old was also allegedly ordered to be dangled from a ceiling with his hands tied behind his back by the suspect. During his months in captivity, he is also accused of violently torturing a third victim twice.

In addition to working in Daesh prisons, prosecutors said he oversaw deals in which the freedom of Shueitat detainees was purchased and manned two checkpoints for the extremist group.
They made no mention of how or when he arrived in Germany.


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