Terrifying incidents reported from time to time in a district in Mogadishu


Karaan district in Benadir region is reported to be in a state of widespread insecurity, with militias in government uniforms harassing people in the district.

Banadir Regional Police Commander Colonel Khalif Abdulle Maalin said insecurity acts were taking place in Karan district, noting that such acts were carried out by armed men.

He said the militants were carrying out a series of deadly incidents in Karaan district, adding that the militants, who were dressed in military uniforms, were involved in killings and other ill-treatment.

“Insecurity in Karan district is at a point where bags are being put on and then bags are being melted down. The problem is caused by men in uniform, and it is important to ensure the security of the district,” said Commander Khalif.

The commander called on the population resident to participate in the security area and work security looga prevent acts contrary to the security in the district.

Karan district in the region has one of the safest districts in poor region, and the strong local militia began to form a community which organized people Problem

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