The government of Finland called on Somaliland’s political parties to return to the negotiating table, and expressed concern over the “tense political atmosphere” in Somaliland.

In a statement issued by Sultan Syed Ahmed of the Parliament of Finland, who is of Somali origin and the representative of the Horn of Africa in the Finnish government, he said that during his visit to Somaliland in July, he had meetings with people who are separated from the politics of Somaliland.

We are concerned about the tense political environment in Somaliland, the growing political deadlock that is due to hold elections in Somaliland at the end of this year.

In his statement, the envoy said that Somaliland was one of the most stable places in the Horn of Africa where the development of the parliamentary system and democracy gave hope to a region that was killed by conflict, but now the political instability is a threat to that good development.

Sultan Syed Ahmed said that it is understandable the different interpretations of the law that the parties are giving on the things that are in disagreement, but he calls for an inclusive process based on culture to find a solution to this situation.

The representative of the Finnish government in the Horn of Africa said that Somaliland has shown great evidence that a solution can be found in controversial situations as the Senate and other government institutions have played a major role in this.

In Somaliland, there is a strong conflict between the government of President Muse Bihi Abdi and the leaders of the Somaliland parties


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