Former President Donald Trump’s political action committee has donated $500,000 to a group in Georgia that is airing attack commercials against Republican Governor Brian Kemp.

The money appears to be going toward former US Senator David Perdue, whom Trump has endorsed in the GOP governor contest, although the ad never names him by name.

It’s Trump’s Save America PAC’s first large expenditure, underscoring Trump’s continued fixation with defeating Kemp. Kemp is considered disloyal by Trump for refusing to assist him in overturning his loss in the state’s 2020 presidential election.

The commercial accuses Kemp of not doing enough to stop voting fraud, citing unsubstantiated accusations that were investigated and denied by a Georgia law enforcement agency.

The Save America PAC had $120 million in the bank at the start of the year. However, other from tiny contributions to campaigns and money spent on rallies, which he now holds practically every week, the former president has been hesitant to spend that money.

According to federal campaign finance records, the donation was made in March to an organization named Get Georgia Right PAC, as first reported by Politico.
According to Kantar Media, the commercial began airing earlier this month. The Associated Press has received a copy of a text message sent by the organization encouraging people to view the commercial.

Perdue is lagging in the polls and being outspent by Kemp, so the spending comes at a bad moment. Perdue, who is worth $50 million, has hinted that he would contribute some of his own funds.

In March, Perdue told reporters, “We’re going to make sure this thing is adequately supported.” “We’re going to spread the word.”
Kemp’s stance on Trump hasn’t changed, with spokesman Cody Hall blasting Perdue for comments the rival made Tuesday condemning Kemp’s handling of the state police.

“David Perdue is going to need a lot more than $500,000 to divert attention away from his out-of-control rant against the Georgia State Patrol,” Hall said.

A Perdue loss in Georgia’s primary on May 24 would be particularly embarrassing for Trump, who enlisted Perdue to take on Kemp and urged another Republican, Vernon Jones, to drop out of the governor’s campaign and run for Congress instead. Trump has also endorsed a large number of other Republicans running for statewide and congressional positions in Georgia.

At a rally in Commerce, Georgia, last month, Trump called Kemp a “turncoat,” a “coward,” and “a complete and total disaster.” However, in an April 6 interview with conservative radio host John Fredericks, the former president was evasive when asked if he would hold another rally for Perdue. “It’s not simple to beat a sitting governor, just remember that,” he told Fredericks, adding, “it’s a close race, and we’ll see what happens.”

In his own attacks on Kemp, Perdue has repeated Trump’s claims, stating at the Commerce rally that “our elections in 2020 were utterly stolen.”


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