A security guard at Britain’s embassy in Berlin was extradited Wednesday to face charges of spying for Russia, UK authorities said.
Following his arrest by German police in August, David Smith, 57, was flown back to Britain to answer nine counts under the Official Secrets Act, the Crown Prosecution Service said.

London’s Metropolitan Police said: “The nine charges relate to the collection and communication of information useful to the Russian state.”

German prosecutors have said Smith received an unspecified amount of cash in return for handing documents to a representative of Russian intelligence.

His arrest was the result of a joint operation by British and German police.
Smith is due to appear in a London magistrates’ court on Thursday.

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, a string of European Union members including Germany this week expelled more than 200 Russian diplomats and staff between them, including for alleged spying.

Britain has not joined in the new wave of expulsions. Sources said it had already thrown out nearly every Russian diplomat suspected of espionage after a 2018 nerve-agent attack in the English city of Salisbury.


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