KYIV – Ukraine announced on Thursday that it had shot down all 36 Iranian-made drones launched by Russia in nocturnal attacks on critical infrastructure and military facilities.

President Volodymyr Zelensky described the night as “uneasy,” but praised the operation of air defenses.
“The enemy used 36 Shahed (drones) to continue terrorizing Ukraine.” They all failed to meet their objectives. “Many thanks to our air defense forces for the flawless outcome,” he remarked on the Telegram messaging service.

Since last October, Moscow, which launched its full-scale invasion in February of this year, has sent waves of drones to assault targets in Ukraine on a regular basis. Drones, despite their slowness, are less expensive and more disposable than modern missiles.

“The enemy most likely aimed to attack critical infrastructure and military facilities in the western regions of the state,” the Ukrainian air force said on Telegram.
It was claimed that Iran-made Shahed 136 and Shahed 131 drones were utilized.

According to the head of Kyiv’s military administration, the capital was attacked by numerous waves of drones, but they were all shot down. According to him, this was the 12th strike against Kyiv this month.
Drones were shot down by regional and military officials in southern and western Ukraine.




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