Why was the Turkish VISA office in Mogadishu (MZ VISA) closed



The Turkish VISA office in Mogadishu (MZ VISA) was completely closed today due to a dispute over staff from Hargeisa.

According to dayniile  Online, the reason for the closure of the office was after an official from the Turkish embassy in Hargeisa brought a large number of staff to the office, which led to opposition from the management of MZ VISA office in Mogadishu.

The official at the Turkish Embassy in Hargeisa, who is currently in Mogadishu, wants to hand over the office to other individuals from the MZ VISA office in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland.

MZ VISA is a privately owned company owned by a Turkish man who has a contract with the Turkish embassy in Mogadishu, and since its inception, direct access to the embassy has been suspended.

The Turkish VISA office in Mogadishu has been a hotbed of applications for visas for Turkish nationals, and is currently closed due to unrest in the office.

The closure of the Office has affected many people who wanted to apply for MZ VISA including those who are ill and in an emergency.

The Turkish embassy in Mogadishu has not yet commented on the clashes at the visa application office, and reports indicate that a meeting is underway between acting Somali Prime Minister Mahdi Guled from Hargeisa and Turkish Ambassador to Mogadishu Mehmet Yılmaz.

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